Komazawa Sakura-Shimmachi Campus

✔︎ 3 classrooms
✔︎ 1 multi-purpose room
✔︎ PRE-K (1.5-3 years old): 12 students / 2 teachers
✔︎ K3 (3-4 years old): 12 students / 2 teachers

✔︎ K4-K5 (4-5 years old): 12 students / 1 teacher
✔︎ Preschool (9:00-14:00)

✔︎ Extended Care (8:00-18:00)
Optional Services
✔︎ School Lunch

✔︎ Extended care (8:00-18:00)
✔︎ School bus (within 2.5km)
✔︎ Students older than 3 can benefit from the after school services of Wisdom Academy with a 20% discount.

  1. Safe and relaxing learning environment. For safe and effective learning, an appropriate number of students are accommodated in each class.
  2. Lunch service and extended childcare (14:00〜18:00) are available.
  3. School bus pick-up and drop off service available.
  4. Our facility follows the guidelines and requirements of the Tokyo Health and Welfare Bureau, and is therefore eligible for government “mushoka” subsidies.
  5. An after school program for graduates and returnees is available nearby at SUPER GLOBAL JUKU Fukasawa Campus.
  6. After school activities provided by Wisdom Academy are available for all students older than 3. Wisdom Academy offers extra-curricular activities and childcare services such as dinner and car drop-off.


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After School

About our “juku” and after school program.